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Another A4 (sideways) publication to keep on your occasional table whenever it's around.

The secret 4
 The crossword compiler 4
It's always in the last place you look 5
Will you take me to the sea tonight? 8
 Waiting for the silver sailed moon 8
 Who wants the evening rose? 9
The ridgeback of Notre Dame 9
 Let's face Barnoldswick and dance 12
 Self knowledge 12
The boy who was raised by lemmings 13
Shi Tsu 16
 Unnecessary people 17
The lost elephants of Denbigh 20
 Tortoise from hell 21
 Treiglads 24
Eeyore's speech from 'Piglet' by William Shakespeare 25
The maid of Melrose town 28
The top of the world 29
 A sceptic tank 32
 Don’t play me your concertina 33
The key of always 36
I live not near the Louvre 36
 Evening Star 37
Top cat, white tie and tails 40
Cat nav 40
All I ask of you 41
Herding cats 44
The hen 45
My bag for life has just died 48
The farting lass 49
A Christmas grammar 52
Croeso mawr i'r ardal 52
The burden 53
One legged horse 56
Blessed are the meek 57
The voyage of Saint Magnus 60
The Marie Depreste 61
Fishing for sheep 64
Cafe's song 65
Garden waste 68
Stanley Knife 69
Administerium and the science of unclear physics 72
The Tweed at Peebles 76
It was the surprise more than anything 77
Mrs Groves 80
Stamped addressed antelope 84
The man who is everywhere else 84
The civilised world 88
The diphthong 89
She moves through the fair 89
Quarterhorse 92
The dream 93
I'm going to sit right down and write myself an epistle to the Corinthians 96
Non-dairy creamer 96
Mange tout 97
Tracey and Trevor 100
Gaps 101
Lots of oil 104
The folks who borrowed the drill 105
 First love 108
The last but one of the Mohicans 108
The verb to be 109