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guide cats

(Osmosys OSMO CD 020/21)

Guide cats for the blind - Les Barker
Across the plains of Africa - Ken Bruce
The curse of the Baskervilles - Mike Harding
Stamped addressed antelope - Ned Sherrin
Sprouts - Sarah Kennedy
Reg the vegetable gardener - Sir Jimmy Young
Custard Creams  - Bill Caddick
Waste not, want not - Gerard McDermott
The shipping forecast - Brian Perkins
Crawl of the light brigade - Sally Boazman
The man next door's a burglar - Johnnie Walker
Git along little dogie - June Tabor
Blessed are the meek - Ryan Kelly
Sammy's Bar Revisited - Cyril Tawney
Amnesia - Nicholas Parsons
The last but one of the mohicans - Paul Gambaccini
Detritus/Tu haiku - Dave Cash and the Guide Cats of Arijaba
Sidney - Sic Transit
Have you got any news of the Iceberg? - Terry Wogan
Spot of the Antarctic - Nonny James
An infinite number of occasional tables - Roy Hudd
The man who was eaten by his own bum - Bernard Wrigley
Voicemail - Charlotte Green
It was the surprise more than anything - Billy Butler
The hard cheese of old England - Martin Carthy
I can't find my camouflage net - Peter White
Detritus - Dave Cash
The dog formerly known as Prince - Brian Matthew
The unigate milkman - Galliard
Captain Indecisive - Trevor Peacock
One legged horse - Roger Lloyd Pack
Lassie Free and Easy - Cyril Tawney
Ancient Mariner.com - Ian McMillan
The phoenix - Nicky Campbell
Everything Glows - Genevieve Tudor
Jason and the Arguments - Mark and Lard
Deja Vu - Les Barker