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A special A4 (sideways) publication to keep on your occasional table whenever it's around.

The Rise and fall of Ghengis Ackroyd 4
Holland’s meat pies 5
Cosmo 8
The lonely little lemming 12
Earwigo 13
Nobody hugs a hedgehog 16
Reg was a lonely glow worm 17
Jason and the Arguments 20
Send in the cones / Have you got any news of the iceberg? 24
I can’t find my camouflage net 25
The stones on the hill 28
Across the wide ocean 29
Everything glows 32
The hard cheese of old England 33
My snails have not yet arrived 36
Elephant 37
An infinite number of occasional tables 40
Sudden waves / Hostage 41
Dachshunds with erections can’t climb stairs / Deck of cards 44
The special light of lonely islands 45
I have blown it all away 48
Queen Cruelty 49
My husband’s got no porridge in him 52
Bolero 53
The turn of the road 61
Such a war has never been 64
This love 65
Deja vu 68
Stay, go and fetch 72
Across the plains of Africa 73
Spot of the Antarctic 76
The shipping forecast 77
The grey tunnel line / Earth 80
O sole mio 81
I don’t like my boomerang 84
The phoenix 85
Maybe then I’ll be a rose / Roseville Fair 88
Breaking wind suddenly 89
Sloop John A 92
Haiku / Spot was not like the rest 93
Will the turtle be unbroken? 96
Chaos 97
Safe haven / The Y files 100
Cortez 104
Blackbird 105
Inconsonants 108
I will love you in the setting of the sun 109

And 58 splendid photos taken by Mr Barker on his travels, only a few of which are trains.

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