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Mrs Ackroyd Records DOG 009

This love - Fiona Simpson
Wall of death - June Tabor
Saigon 1989, Hong Kong 1997 - Roy Bailey
Hostage - Pete Morton
Minding the store - Lesley Davies
Everything glows - Eliza Carthy
I'll bring you my song - Alison Younger
I have blown it all away - Lesley Davies
Home fit for heroes - Norma Waterson
All one nation - Roy Bailey
Remember, all those years ago - Keith Hancock
BCCI - The Mrs Ackroyd Band
Elephant - Martin Carthy
Bolero - Alison Younger, Lesley Davies, Fiona Simpson, Hilary Spencer and Chris While

With Chris Harvey (keyboards), Ken Nicol (guitar)

Recorded 1992