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 Mrs Ackroyd Records DOG 005/6

The stones on the hill - June Tabor
Crucified on your old broken cross - Rod Paterson
Don't say goodbye - Lesley Davies
Across the wide ocean - Janet Russell
Latha dhomh 's mi gabhail a' mhonaidh - Cathy-Ann MacPhee
Going down to Metal Bridge - Nick Dow and Bernard Wrigley
You Ebb and Flow - Janet Russell
I stand here alone on the beach - Lesley Davies
On me way to Dover - Nick Dow
The stones on the hill - June Tabor
Towers of London - Fiona Simpson
You Ebb and Flow - Rod Paterson
Tasdan a'righ - Cathy-Ann MacPhee
Down from the hills - Rod Paterson, Fiona Simpson and Cathy-Ann MacPhee
Sleep on, my darling - Lesley Davies
The stones on the hill - June Tabor
Another Pint - Rod Paterson
Reconciliation - Rod Paterson and Lesley Davies
Take me back to Lewis - Lesley Davies

Harp: Savourna Stevenson
Guitar: Rod Paterson, Bernard Wrigley and Nick Dow
Bass Concertina: Bernard Wrigley
Percussion: Jim Sutherland
Fretless Bass: Neil Hay
Whistles and Harmonica: Jack Evans
Fiddle, viola and cello: John Martin
Synthesizer and accordion: Phil Cunningham

All the music is traditional. English words by Les Barker.
Gaelic words by Simon MacKenzie.
Harp arrangements by Savourna Stevenson.
Guitar arrangements by Rod Paterson,
except for "Going Down to Metal Bridge" (Wrigley/Dow)
and "On me way to Dover" (Dow).

Album produced by Jim Sutherland.

Recorded 1989