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Cosmic Time and World Lines

....In the beginning there was a Big Bang. The Universe came into existence and Time started. The Universe expanded and continues to expand today. Eventually the Universe will stop expanding and begin to collapse. Compressed into nothing there will be a Big Crunch. The Universe will cease and Time will stop. There will be another beginning, another Big Bang and Time will start all over again. The cycle will continue forever. The Heartbeat of Everything. No Beginning. No End......

This might seem a pretty crazy theory but in order to discuss Time Travel we need to establish that there is a Cosmic Clock ticking away. Without it we cannot go back to a previous time or forward to a time yet to come.

The original Newtonian view of time was that there was only one time common to everything in the Universe regardless of motion. So that this Cosmic Clock was the only clock in the Universe. Everything past, present and future everywhere could be related to it. This continued until Einstein changed this view with his two Theories of Relativity. He showed that time is relative and depends on both motion and gravity. Either or both affect the flow of time. There is no universal time. So this Cosmic Clock is just one of many in the Universe. Not the clock just a clock.

With the millions of galaxies travelling at different speeds and the various stars in them producing different gravitational fields the Universe should be fairly erratic when it comes to time. However the measurements taken by COBE (Cosmic Background Explorer) to measure the background heat radiation thought to be the afterglow of the Big Bang show that there are no marked variations from the different regions of space and that the Universe is actually very smooth. So it seems that although there will be different times depending on where you are in the Universe and how fast you are moving there is a time in the Universe that is more dominant. A sort of Newtonian Universal Time after all.

As all the data from COBE is taken from a satellite orbiting the Earth then this dominant time measured on the Cosmic Clock must be identical to the time of a clock on Earth. Cosmic Time is Earth Time. The Cosmic Clock is an Earth Clock. (Actually the Earth is moving through space at some 350km/sec but since this is only a very small fraction of the speed of light it has only a minimal effect on the Cosmic Clock so it will be ignored.)

With this Cosmic Clock ticking away a Cosmic World Line is created. It started at the Big Bang and is still ticking away today some 15 billion or more years later and will continue through spacetime to the Big Crunch. Current time could be on the first 'heartbeat' or on the millionth.

Everyone has their own World Line. Starting when they are born and finishing when they die. These individual World Lines never disappear or appear from nothing. Each persons World Line is then made from the World Lines of the various chemicals in their bodies, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, etc., These World Lines are much longer as they continue long after the death of a person when these chemicals are recycled to form other elements.

With normal Time each persons World Line is parallel and running at the same rate as the Cosmic World Line. When Time Travel occurs the relationship of the Time Travellers World Line with the Cosmic World Line changes. It is these changes and the effects they have on the Universe that are discussed here. The discussions include hyperthetical Time Travel examples. Throughout this site there will be simple diagrams where appropriate, to make things a little clearer. As they say 'a picture is worth a thousand words'.

The Cosmic World Line (CT)

The Cosmic World Line and its relationship with past, present and future Universes (6K)

The Cosmic World Line continues forever and the diagram only shows the present universe which in the example is taken as the millionth universe. The number taken for this "heartbeat" is purely arbitary as the cycle continues forever.

Person World Lines

The relationship of World Lines to the Cosmic World Line (6K)

As all of these people remained on Earth they are therefore all in the same time frame. One minute of Einstein's world line was the same as one minute of Stephen Hawking's world line. And the same as one minute of Earth's world line which is the same as Cosmic Time. All clocks ran at the same rate and were in sync with each other. Any disruption to this synchronisation results in time travel whether individual world line rates slow down, speed up, have gaps or overlap in relation to the Cosmic World Line.

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