Time Travel Title (2K)

Holiday To The Past

It should be possible to take a trip to the past.

A simple day trip to the past should be possible without causing too much havoc to the SpaceTime Continuum. Moving back to a time in the past, staying there for a while and then returning to the time you left from is quite imaginable. It's one of many schoolboy's fantasies.

With this type of journey the Time Traveller's World Line simply moves to a different position on the Cosmic World Line. As we already know with normal time travel (i.e. living) the Person's World Line is perfectly in sync with the Cosmic World Line so a 75 year old person World Line would be as shown in the following diagram.

Person World Line and relationship to Cosmic World Line (5K)

If we imagine a simple journey where a 25 year old Time Traveller in 1997 travels back 200 years in time and remains there for 20 years before returning to 2017 and remaining until his death at the age of 75 in 2047 then the Time Traveller's World Line will be as shown in the following diagram.

Time Traveller World Line and relationship to Cosmic World Line (6K)

We can see from this diagram that the Time Traveller ages just as he would if he had remained where he was and not travelled to the past. His 20 years from aged 25 to 45 simply took place from 1797 to 1817 and not from 1997 to 2017. No fundamental Laws of Nature have been broken. It is the Time Traveller's relationship to the Cosmic World Line that changed. Throughout this life the Time Traveller's World Line clock was running at the same rate as the Cosmic Time clock.

This is I believe to be the simplist and easiest form of Time Travel and the least likely to have any unfortunate effects on the Universe. It would in fact be the ultimate in Virtual Reality!

The following takes this further with an example..... - A Trip To The Crystal Palace -

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