Time Travel Title (2K)


What is here

At this site you will find several pages on my views of Time Travel

The Contents Page identifies these pages in a particular order. To get the best from this site please work through the pages in this order - they should make more sense this way.

After most of the pages there follows a short example which hopefully might make things a little clearer.

What is not here

To make access to this site as quick as possible you will not find any of the following

  • Large Graphic Files --- all individual files less than 10K
  • Animated Graphics
  • Movies
  • Audio
  • Frames

The site is deliberately split into many small pages rather than a few large ones

There are no links to positions within the same page

Also there is very little technical stuff here so if you want this type of information please see the Links Page

To start your journey at this site select the Contents Page below

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DISCLAIMER: All remarks at this site are strictly my own and have not been written deliberately to offend. Neither is it my intention to misinform. If you have any comments or remarks to make on any of the pages at this site whether they are regarding mistakes, inaccuracies, out-of-date links or anything else then please e-mail timetravel@antcom.compulink.co.uk
Anthony Edwards - December 1996