Time Travel Title (2K)

Money, Money, Money!

George had this great idea on how to get rich. All he had to do was to go back in time and put some money in an interest account, return to the present and go and take out the money which would be much larger due to all the interest. It seemed perfect but it still needed a lot of planning for it to work.

He had to work out the furthest he could safely travel into the past to gain the maximum amount of money. He had to make sure that the bank chosen was still in existence today. If it was a bank that collapsed or merged he might loose all the money he had invested. Still, if he couldn't find any trace of the money when he returned he could presumably go back to the day after he opened the account and take out all the money he had put in!

George decided that going back around 75 years seemed to be about right. It was safely after the end of the First World War. Placing about 100 pounds could however attract a fair amount of attention so he would have to devise a plausible story. George decided he needed a story that indicated that the money came from the sale of an item a short time earlier. He searched around in his parents' attic and managed to find an old receipt from the sale of an item of his grandmother's jewellry back in 1924 for 95 pounds 10 shillings. Well that was exactly the story he needed and he could take the receipt with him as proof!

All that he had to do now was to visit some antiques shops and dealers to obtain the money in the legal currency of the 1920's and a suitable suit. After a long search he managed to find the right notes and coins and a suit that wasn't too worn. He was now ready for his trip. George set off once again very early in the morning for Hyde Park as this was an area he knew was unchanged since 1924. He changed clothes in the car and armed with his Pocket Wormhole Creator set off for some trees. He set the date. The hole appeared and he stepped through back into 1924.

There was a lot of traffic back then too he thought as he saw the many cars, buses and trams on the streets. Noisy and very polluting these early vehicles seemed to be. He located the bank with ease and went in. Soon he was talking with the Assistant Manager and opening an account in his name. Sure enough the Assistant Manager wanted some proof of the large amount of cash George had with him. He produced the receipt and the Assistant Manager took down some details. George left the bank happy that all had gone well and to plan.

With his job completed George could return to 1998 but first he decided he couldn't miss this opportunity to see London before the devastation of the Blitz. He walked for hours through areas like the Barbican and all through the City and around St Paul's Cathedral. So much wonderful architecture would be lost he mused. Then he went on to the East End and down to the London Docklands. No Canary Wharf of course, just what seemed like hundreds of boats and ships of all different sizes and a very busy Thames. It was getting late so he made his way back to Hyde Park riding on a tram for the first time in his life. After dark he took out his Pocket Wormhole Creator switched it on and stepped back through the hole into 1998.......

Will George find the money or will freewill and restraints of the Laws of Physics prevent him from becoming rich?

Perhaps George will find himself in a parallel universe rich but without friends or the family he remembers?

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