Resources AQA syllabus A

A2 module 5: inheritance, evolution and ecosystems

14.1 meiosis, medelian inheritance

Work though interactive tutorials medelian genetics problems at The Biology project at the University of Arizona to improve your understanding of genetics.

Other interactive tutorials can be found at the excellent DNA from the Beginning site

A good set of interactive problems on Medelian genetics can be found at

Interactive worksheet on meiosis.

NEW matching exercise on genetic definitions .

NEW shorter drag and drop version of the genetic definitions exercise

14.2 variation

Information sheet on polygenic inheritance .

NEW How to calculate the standard error of the mean and confidence limits

Excel sheet for the quick calculation of Hardy Weinberg frequencies.

14.3 population genetics

Interactive sheets on population genetics (Hardy-Weinberg, natural selection etc.).

Notes on macroevolution (word document).

14.4 classification

The Tree of Life site is one of the strangest projects on the net, lots of enthusiasts trying to describe every group of living things on the planet.

14.5 ecosystems

Estimating population size; information sheet

Rocky shore field trip projects, sand dune studies, stream study techniques and ponds.

field trip individual projects

How to write up a project

Students past projects UPDATED

freshwater field work

NEW Mayfly distribution; information for the assessed practical

NEW Sampling techniques

population models

14.6 photosynthesis

Photosynthesis interactive sheets

14.7 food chains and webs

14.8 respiration

14.9 carbon and nitrogen cycles

carbon and nitrogen cycle information sheet

carbon cycle quiz

nitrogen cycle quiz

14.10 deforestation has lots of information and LANDSAT images of deforestation.