d'Hondt PR Calculator

This program is intended for those who want to calculate election results using the d'Hondt formula, as is being used in UK Euro elections (since 1999). I currently don't have much any interest in the program, but i get the occasional email asking for extra features. To avoid it getting buried on my todo list for another year or so i've released a new beta version (pretty much a recompile of the most recent copy of the source code i could find).
Changes v1.21 -> v2.2b (or rather, the ones i remember):
  • Fixed some oddities that only appeared under Win2000
  • Made party names/colours configurable (via .ini file)
  • Interface & control changes
  • Removed hardcoded seat limit
  • Replaced far-left-three copy with winners-only copy
  • Underlying code cleaned up a lot

  • Win 3.x (and earlier): Not tested. Won't work.
  • Win32s: Not tested and unlikley to work properly
  • Win95: The original Win95 retail might complain about missing DLLs (one solution is to try installing MSIE v4.x). Briefly tested with Win95 OSR2 and worked.
  • Win98: Tested with Win98 SE. Should work with all releases of Win98.
  • WinME: Not tested but should work
  • Win2000: Tested and works
  • WinNT: Not tested but should work with v4 and later (might also work with some pre-v4 version)
  • WinXP: Not tested but should work

WARNING: As with all FreeWare software, strictly use at your OWN RISK.

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