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As the site matures, we look forward to providing some interesting writings of Masonic interest. For the time being, I've taken the liberty of reprinting some articles which I have enjoyed reading, from among the many that pass my delete key test.

Most were posted in the alt.freemasonry newsgroup
and I trust that we're not breaching anyone's copyright.
(I have endeavored to contact all the contributors.)

There is an article relating to the Philosophy Of Freemasonry,
and the History of Freemasonry,
and the Kabbalah,
as well as an intriguing piece about Leo Taxil
which has been hanging around on my hard drive for a few years.
a couple on the one Dollar note design,
one of which was posted by Bill Maddox,
who has also provided a concise view of the main protagonists
in the alt.freemasonry conference.

There are also a couple of humorous postings...
"apes" I can relate to
and the piece that I picked up from a non Masonic source,
"meat", offers a different perspective...
and caused me to smile.


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