Chris Macdonald


Having given up a torrid life
as Regional Business Manager
for a bank,
by taking early retirement

Chris set about purchasing
the Masonic shop in Chester;
thereby indulging in his hobby.

He now goes into work every day
to play with this "wonderful
new train-set" that is Craftings.

"How many people in their lives are able  to turn their hobby into a profit-making  business?"

Like many a good Mason there is a good  woman behind him and Claire fulfils this  role, supporting Chris in not only his  Freemasonry, but also practically as a  business partner.


In this regard, Chris is considered to  be very lucky by his friends and  family.

Despite his Father (John)
having served 66 years in the Craft and having the distinction of being the only member present at the 200th AND 250th Anniversary of his Lodge; and a Grandfather who enjoyed 50+ years,
it is only just over 21 years ago
that Chris was Initiated.


"Basically, there had been abuses in my  business life, involving some Freemasons, and instead of getting on with my own  Masonic principles, I kept out and, admittedly by an omission, it had clashed  with other local involvements.

It wasn't long, before the awareness of the missed years, brought about that
all too common thought...

"why didn't I do this earlier?"


It is the UNDERSTANDING of Freemasonry that Chris now searches to achieve, the ritual being a part of the Wisdom... Fun & Friendship being other major elements.

Masonic Activity to date:


Jan. 1985


Past Prov. J.G.Warden (Cheshire)
1996-2001 2003-2004
Founder Canonbury Tower Lodge No.9772


Dec. 1989


Affiliated to Scottish Constitution
Loudoun Kilwinning Newmilns No.51

Oct. 2002
 Affiliated to Irish Constitution
Grand Master's Lodge

Royal Arch

Dec. 1985


Past Prov. G.Soj. (Cheshire)

Dec. 2004

Affiliated to Irish Constitution
Founder of Sassena R.A. Chapter No.33



Nov. 1986


Past Grand Junior Deacon
Past President
of the Board of Grand Stewards
Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master
Past Chairman of Trustees of
Cheshire Provincial Mark Benevolent Fund



Sept. 1987


Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master



Jun. 1989


Past Grand Standard Bearer
Condate No.134
John Wellings No.167


Rose Croix

Feb. 1990


30º K.H.


Royal Order of Scotland

May 1991




Red Cross of Constantine

May 1992


Intendant General for Cheshire



Feb. 1993


Grade 8º, 
Past Deputy Treasurer-General
Past Prov. Secretary
(Cheshire & North Wales)


Knights Templar

Dec. 1995


Past Provincial Herald (Cheshire)
St. Werburgh Preceptory No.605



H. R. A. K. T. P.

July 1997


Past High Priest



Sept. 1997


(resigned Feb 2006)


The Order of
St. Thomas of Acon

Oct. 1999
(resgn. 2002)


Hugues d’Avranches No.9

Knight Mason
April 2001
  Founder Sassena Council No.64 (I.C.)
& Senior Knight thereof.
Order of Secret Monitor
June 2001
Royal Order of Eri
Oct. 2001


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