What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is one of the world's oldest fraternal societies. The lessons Freemasonry teaches in its ceremonies are to do with moral values (governing relations between people) and its acknowledgement, without in any way crossing the boundaries of religion, that everything depends on the providence of God. Freemasons feel that these lessons apply just as much today as they did when it took its modern form at the turn of the 17th century."

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Welcome to the Craftings Masonic Website

Craftings sells a wide range of mainstream Masonic Regalia 
and provides a prompt service for many other associated Orders.
An extensive range of fascinating thoughts in the Book Selection
as well as a range of Bibles and  Rituals are also carried in stock.

For your Summonses and Socials, 
a well established Print service is available.

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Owned and run by Chris Macdonald, the shop is open
Monday - Fridays 9.30 -4.30 (Installations excepted) and 9.30 -12.30 on Saturdays,
ably supported, a few days a week, by his friend Ken Mackenzie. 

Back in '96, Chris proposed this web site as a quick reference point 
for his clients, to find his latest price lists and some links 
to Masonic information scattered about the 'net. 
Graham Drake, a Master Mason, took on the challenge, 
interpreting his enthusiasm for Freemasonry and web design, 
tempered by Chris' experience, without harming any enjoyment 
of future Masonic events.

As well as the Craftings product range pages, 
there is a site feedback page,
a few interesting Articles page, 
an occasional Craftings News events page
and a  growing list of links to E-Masons web sites.

We have also taken a cautious look at some Esoteric aspects 
that may be of interest to visitors to this web site.

As we have explored Masonic internet developments,
a large collection of Web Links (181kb) has been built up 
to web sites that Graham has book marked during his Internet studies.
While many of the sites are not Masonic in nature 
we include them here as part of an overview of a Masonic understanding.

While we are pleased to receive E-mail correspondence 
and are always delighted to see new faces in the Chester showroom, 
we have no facility to provide an E-commerce order form.

We trust that you enjoy our endeavours.

The Bond
Godstall Lane
Chester UK

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& Fax. Number
01244 342124


Email: chris@craftings.co.uk

Last updated Friday January 12, 2007

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