Hi,  I'm Graham Drake

I hope that you are enjoying your visit to the Craftings Web Site.

I've tried to design it as a reflection of my enthusiasm for Freemasonry
and the search for enlightenment. 

Previous to my Initiation into Freemasonry, I'd explored all sorts of philosophies and practices, from hippy to ju-jitsu, but never managed to focus sufficiently on those particular paths. I've seen a UFO and Spiritual Aura's, and experienced many other fascinating facets of life, but Freemasonry has provided me with the direction and breadth to encompass my search for understanding.

Early in 1996, I made a casual comment in an  email "cybercafe" conference, about only using my CompuServe account to enjoy the Masonic conference that they hosted, and was shortly afterwards invited to take part in a TV program, to explain the apparent paradox of a secret society using such an open medium as the Internet.

After receiving the OK to participate, from the Province of Cheshire, and Grand Lodge, I focused my Internet research onto such a question... limited only by my inexperience in Freemasonry and the wish not to spoil any of my future enjoyment of Ceremonies. 

While nothing came of the original invitation to appear on TV, I had soon built up a fair amount of web information which supported my belief that the precepts laid out in Masonry could be applied to the Internet.

Following a fraternal and enjoyable visit to St. Peters Lodge No.5827, in Chester, I got chatting to the newly installed Master, Chris Macdonald, who happened to own Craftings, and this project was conceived.

Since then, I've become a Founder Member of the Internet Lodge No.9659, as well as designed another Masonic Web Site, for the Birmingham based Regalia Manufacturer Light & Boston Limited and a prototype web site for the S.R.I.A.

At the end of my fourth year as Scribe E and, unprepared as I was at the outset, I'm confident that the experiences encountered so far have been sweetened by the knowledge that I will do better next Season.

Masonic Activity to date:


27 Nov, 1990 Master Mason
Internet Lodge No.9659 (Founding Steward)

Royal Arch

06 Nov, 1995 Companion 
Whitby Chapter No.4309 (Scribe E.)


08 May, 2000
Adeptus Major, Grade VIš
Bishop Wilkins College No.58 


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