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You Can't Beat this

craflogo.gif (8389 bytes) Special OFFER (A041A)

1 x Best Quality Craft Lambskin
Provincial Apron & Collar
Hand-Embroidered Badge of Office
Embroidered Levels
Pocket in back of Apron
Fully Threaded Fringe


1 x Best Undress Apron & Collar (A045)
1 x Hand-Embroidered Badge of Office
Hand Embroidered Levels


1 x Best Quality Past Rank Collar Jewel (A048)


  1 x Full size Provincial Case (N066)
to take all your Regalia.
Fully-lined, complete with Apron Straps & Pockets
for Jewels, Rituals, Gloves,
Combination Code Locks, etc.

ALL FOR 256.00!!

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Craft - Royal Arch - Mark - R.A.M. - Rose Croix -
Knights Templar - K.T.P. - Red Cross of Constantine -
Royal & Select Masters - Royal Order of Scotland -
Allied Masonic Degrees - Order of The Secret Monitor -
Cases - Jewellery - Gifts - Gloves etc. - Lodge Furniture

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