Ken & I had a trip to Godzone,
It was remarkable for four especial reasons:

1. The quality of the ritual presented
2. The fellowship at the after-proceedings
3. The HEAT, and
4. The hotel accommodation was very reasonably priced and first class.

We travelled to Edinburgh on Friday morning; Ken drove for a change!-
On arrival we freshened up, dressed for the occasion and walked from the Apex Hotel in Grassmarket (slowly in the hot sun, duly "togged-up") to George Street. We met many friends before Grand Lodge of the Royal Order of Scotland was commenced in the Lower Temple.

A strange thing had happened since my last visit. I suppose time moves on, the world turns, but it took a while for me to realise that the "East" had somehow moved to the West! Could a cynic venture to suggest that this time the main seating for the heid-yins was next to the windows on this sweltering day! As is usual, we witnessed an excellent demonstration of how this extensive ritual should be performed - not least of all with injection of appropriate, twinkling humour by the Deputy Grand Master and Governor, the Earl of Elgin and Kincardine.

The Grand Senior Warden was R.W.Bro. Bob Tait, who as well as being the Grand D.C. (Craft) of G.L.of Scotland has had the recent honour conferred of being the first Prov.G.M. of Edinburgh. Previously, the Metropolitan District was administered via G.L. Anyway, later in the evening Bob confirmed to me that he was definitely coming to Chester next March for Fraser's Installation into the chair of KS in St. Peters Lodge.

Since the new Grand Sec of UGLE (R.W.Bro Jim Daniel) was at the Royal Order to receive his patent to be the first PGM of the Royal Order in Oxford, Bob had taken the opportunity to "make the first steps to clear his lines". The paperwork and protocol will clatter along later. Thought you'ld be pleased to know?

At the excellent (but expensive) Festive Board/Annual Dinner we had the first class company of two Substitute Provincial Grand Master of Fife & Kinross, namely Stenhouse Balfour and John Harley, the latter being one of the six candidates advanced earlier in the Order. Great fun amongst enthusiastic and well respected masons.

Speeches afterwards were tops, particularly (as is the custom) by Lord Elgin, who referred to the afternoon's visit to the "sauna". I narrowly, by one minute, missed winning the sweepstake run by the G.L. of Ireland table - 77 minutes was the winner. Phew! The obligatory round of drinks would have been bankrupting!

The following morning Ken & I wandered around the Art Gallery & set off for Kilwinning. Again found superb CLEAN accommodation this time at the Claremont -30 en-suite, same price as the Apex. Great!

Off to the Mother Lodge to witness an actual Third conferred by Lodge Glittering Star No.322 (I.C.). This was Glittering Star's first sojourn into Scotland. Of course, our old friend, Ron Gee was resplendent in his uniform, but as the I.P.M. of Glittering Star he hadn't got a job because the I.P.M. in I.C. has nowt to do! Also, in the packed assembly was Alan Seath of Ellangowan Lodge and another Internet Lodge member. At the dinner we enjoyed the company of David Wilson, P.M. of Mother Kilwinning and other members of the Mother Lodge.

We returned home Sunday morn, feeling that we had gorged ourselves - Masonically speaking - as well as, perhaps, remembering the sumptuous breakfasts!


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