Alan Hunter

Alan James Herbert Hunter was born near Norwich, England in 1922 and now lives in a village in the Norfolk Broads area. He has been a poet and naturalist but is best known for his series of suspense/crime/mystery novels about his detective creation George Gently. Between 1955 and 1998 there have been 46 novels in the series ( so far ! ) all characterised by a masterly use of language especially in the probing questioning of police interrogation. In many cases the conversations are as sparse as real life! The latest novels are "The Love of Gods"(1997) and "Over Here"(1998)
The Gently series incorporates :

  1. Gently does it
  2. Gently by the shore
  3. Gently down the stream
  4. Gently to a sleep
  5. Landed Gently
  6. Gently through the mill
  7. Gently in the sun
  8. Gently with the painters
  9. Gently to the summit
  10. Gently go man
  11. Gently where the roads go
  12. Gentlyfloating
  13. Gently sahib
  14. Gently with the ladies
  15. Gently north-west
  16. Gently continental
  17. Gently coloured
  18. Gently with the innocents
  19. Gently at a gallop
  20. Vivienne: Gently where she lay
  21. Gently French
  22. Gently in trees
  23. Gently with Love
  24. Gently where the birds are
  25. Gently instrumental
  26. Gently to sleep
  27. The Honfleur decision
  28. Gabrielle's way ( US : The Scottish Decision )
  29. Fields of heather
  30. Gently between tides
  31. Amorous Leander
  32. The unhung man
  33. 'Once a prostitute...
  34. The Chelsea ghost
  35. Goodnight, sweet prince
  36. Strangling man
  37. Traitor's end
  38. Gently with the millions
  39. Gently scandalous
  40. Gently to kill
  41. Gently tragic
  42. Gently in the glens
  43. Bomber's moon
  44. jackpot!
  45. The Love of Gods
  46. Over Here

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