++Operation Nikolai++

Some of the events took place on water. The Baltic to be precise. Those participating in the amphibious element of the mission had to cross a six-kilometre stretch of sea in stormy conditions. We left from a coastline studded with concealed submarine pens  to reach the notorious Pakri islands, a Soviet weapons testing facility, now popular with swans. We explored the first island by day, then set a course for the second where we made camp and set a fire in a bomb crater. Our trusted local liaison team, Katri-liis and Roland guided us. For security reasons we were disguised as badly-dressed tourists...

The crew                           OPNiKF1000011.jpg (32943 bytes)OPNiKF1000018.jpg (36843 bytes)Nic wonders who's steeringNic and Guy

Patient Katri-Liis of Reimann Retked guides us www.retked.eeWe are sailingAround about now someone lost an oar worth 80EUR. Damian, Nic and Roland shown.Steve and TrondWe approach the second island at dusk


Nic masquerades as Red Cross in the hope of better treatmentThese are big waves when you're in a kayakUnder a big skyFuture warrior


How we got the kayaks -- and got to the Pakri islands and back alive. 

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