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12th September 1997

News From ECTS 97

This years ECTS Trade Show was, as usual full of games and attractive young women. And as usual there were a number of new products. Among the more interesting items was a new Force Feedback Steering Wheel from Platinum Sound. The Per4Mer Racing Wheel adds a whole new feel to games like F1GP, but unfortunately it is expensive. The expected retail price in the UK will be around 130.

Another interesting new product was Starship Titanic, a graphic adventure from Douglas Adams. Douglas Adams is the best-selling science-fiction author of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy series of books, radio plays, BBC television series and the 1985 Infocom text-based computer game. What makes Starship Titanic different from other adventure games, apart from Douglas Adams humour, is its text parser. Starship Titanic has a True Talk a parser tool developed by Virtus Corporation. The language processors is capable of facilitating complex and entertaining conversations between the player and the game's central characters. Each character possesses a lexicon of more than 500 words.

"I really wanted to originate an adventure game for CD-ROM," commented Douglas Adams. "Most works adapted from books or television are extremely linear. With Starship Titanic, I am very conscious of recalling into this medium some of the complex interaction between author and user that was characteristic of the early adventure games, but which got lost when the medium progressed technologically and more attention focused on the graphics. Our graphics are fabulous, but our character interactions are fabulous as well," added Adams.

Also on display was Broken Sword 2 - The Smoking Mirror. This graphic adventure, the sequel to Broken Sword/Circle of Blood looks as though it may well be the graphic adventure of the year. Keep you eye on this site for more information, including an exclusive interview.

Those of you who like action games such as Quake, Tomb Raider, Racing Cars/Bikes and/or Flight Simulators there were a lot of versions requiring 3d cards. Most of them seemed to use the 3Dfx card although there are alternatives available. The addition of a 3d card makes an amazing difference to some games, Tomb Raider 2 for example.

Other game which look good are, Outcast, a sort of Tomb Raider clone, Majestic and Black Dahlia, graphic adventures, World League Soccer, Worms 2, Dreams to Reality, Red Line Racing and F1 Racing.

Megamedia to Launch UK Subsidiary

Megamedia Corporation, publishers of the Megapak CD Rom compilations has announced that their second operating unit will be located in the United Kingdom.

The facility, Megamedia UK Ltd. will be dedicated to the manufacture, sales and distribution of a European line of compilation packs. The first Europak, in a series of five yearly releases, will be available to the European market this October.

New Internet Strategy Game to Launch in mid-September

A New Internet Strategy Game, Legal Crime, is currently in its Final Beta Test Phase and should be launched any day now.

Legal Crime is a real time strategy game which is played over Internet. The theme of the game is organised crime. Every player is a godfather who has to build up his/her own organisation as well as to gain power in the city. The game is set in a virtual Chicago of 1920s with bootlegging, pimps and bribing. Each game is different with its unforeseeable strategy, since it is played against another human being.

Legal Crime will be distributed world wide via Internet by Byte Enchanters who have several partners in USA, Italy, Norway, Israel, China, Belgium, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Finland. For an Internet Service Provider (ISP) running game server like Legal Crime offers an opportunity to give its customers online entertainment in real time exiting strategy game. Legal Crime server does not require a lot of capacity from ISPs server since the actual game traffic will not load their server.

Pirated Beta Demo Of F1 Racing Simulation Circulates On The Net

It seems that a pirate copy of Ubi Soft Entertainment's F1 Racing Simulation, a real-time 3D racing game due on the market early next year, has been circulating across the Internet. It is a copy of beta demo version of the game which was released to the French magazine "Joystick" and features a French interface and French text files.

This 27 Mb pirate copy has French text and requires a 3Dfx card to run. "It was not intended for distribution on the Internet or the U.S. market." stated Laurent Detoc, Vice President of U.S. Operations.

Ubi Soft Entertainment will be releasing an English demo closer to the game's release date in the first quarter of 1998. The U.S. demo will more accurately represent the final version of F1 RACING SIMULATION. It will be customised for the Internet and will feature an English interface and instruction set.

5th September 1997

SouthPeak Offer $5,000 Prize

Feel like wining $5,000, then visit SouthPeak http://www.lightfiles.com/

There you can try and solve the murder of fictional daytime soap opera star Karla Masefield in SouthPeak Interactive's on-line mystery "The Light Files: Death in Broad Daylight."

In "The Light Files: Death in Broad Daylight," players must review police interviews, photos of evidence and crime scenes, witness statements, newspaper clippings, suspect and witness profiles, soap opera scripts and other evidence that leads to the identity of Masefield's killer. Entries must be submitted before the deadline of October 31, 1997 to be eligible for the $5,000 grand prize.

Touring Car Championship to be Released in November

Codemasters is expecting to release TOCA Touring Car Championship, the only official game of the 1997 RAC/AutoTrader Touring Car Championship, in November.

TOCA will feature all the real cars, real teams, real tracks and real drivers of this year's season. The gameplay is expected to recreate the most exciting, aggressive, closely-fought contact racing championships with speeds up to 160 mph. Thundering sound fx and "frighteningly realistic graphics" set the scene whilst you race against the likes of Menu, Plato and Tarquini.

Instant Access Releases Add Ons for GP2, XWvTF, Descent II and MS Flight Simulator

Instant Access International has released a number of new add on packs, including

Perfect Grand Prix
This pack, for Grand Prix 2, gives you 10 new and updated tracks as well as an editor that allows you to change grip levels, engine power, car weights, pit lane positions and speed limits, camera positions, likelihood of car failure, split-time information and 22 new car cockpits (11 SVGA and 11 VGA) that replicas of those on the 1997 grid.

The tracks are:-

Albert Park (Australian Grand Prix 1996-1997 layout)
Circuit Oscar Galvez (Argentinean Grand Prix 1995-1997 layout)
Nurburgring (Luxembourg/European Grand Prix 1995-1997 layout)
Zeltweg (Austrian Grand Prix 1997 layout)
Revised Silverstone (British Grand Prix 1997 layout)
Revised Imola (San Marino Grand Prix 1995-1997 layout)
Paul Ricard
Donnington Park
Brands Hatch

Stellar Combat
This pack, which is definitely 100% unofficial! and is neither produced nor endorsed by Lucasarts or Interplay, contains an number of new missions for both X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter (25) and Descent II (100).

Perfect Flight Deluxe-Great Britain
This scenery add-on pack for Microsoft's Flight Simulator includes a copy of the flight industry standard, Pooleys Flight Planning Chart - United Kingdom & Ireland. Around 250 airfields are covered, with full UK nav-aid coverage within the united airspace boundaries.

Perfect Flight Deluxe - Great Britain covers the following areas:
England, Scotland, Wales and outlying islands including: Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Skerries, Isle of Man, Anglesey, Hebrides, Shetlands and many other Scottish islands.

All significant towns and cities (currently more than 500) and their features are included in addition to various major landmarks. Many lakes, rivers, motorways, 'A' roads and mountains are represented. Mountains and hills are included to their exact spot height.

Dave Wadler (Game-Over! News Editor)

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