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Python Project

The Project

This project is intended to give the students skills and practical experience of developing software in the Python language. This will be achieved by carrying out a number of exercises from the book Learning Python by Mark Lutz and David Ascher. The students are divided into two groups one group aiming to cover a chapter of the book every two weeks, and a slower paced group covering a chapter every four weeks.

Python-project mailing list

The project takes place using a mailing list for communication amongst the students and mentors. The email address for the list is Python-project AT the list also has a web page for viewing archives and changing individual preferences, which can be found at

Project Members


Fast path

Slow path

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Task Fast path Slow path
Read chapter 1 (very short), and get a usable Python environment 27th August 2002
Read chapter 2 and do exercises (chapters 1 & 2) 3rd September 2002 17th September 2002
Chapter 3 - Basic Statements 17th September 2002 15th October 2002
Chapter 4 - Functions 1st October 2002 12th November 2002
Chapter 5 - Modules 15th October 2002 10th December 2002
Chapter 6 - Classes 29th October 2002 7th January 2003
Chapter 7 - Exceptions 12th November 2002 4th February 2003
Chapter 8 - Built-in Tools 26th November 2002 4th March 2003
Chapter 9 - Common Tasks in Python 10th December 2002 1st April 2003
Chapter 10 - Frameworks and Applications 24th December 2002 29th April 2003

The Book

Picture of the book's cover Learning Python by Mark Lutz and David Ascher is published by O'Reilly ISBN 1-56592-464-9.

A detailed table of contents for the book can found here.

The chapters are as follows:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Types and Operators
  3. Basic Statements
  4. Functions
  5. Modules
  6. Classes
  7. Exceptions
  8. Built-in Tools
  9. Common Tasks in Python
  10. Frameworks and Applications