Some other projects and activities of related interest

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Publishers & Publications
  • Porcupine Press
    Another independent socialist publishing venture
  • Index Books
    A Trotskyist publishing venture associated with the Workers Revolutionary Party
  • New Interventions
    A socialist discussion journal
  • Journal of Trotsky Studies
    An academic journal dedicated to Trotsky-related studies
  • What Next ?
    A socialist discussion journal
  • More Years for the Locust, by Jim Higgins, - the origins and history of the SWP
  • Britain, World War 2 & the Sama Samajists, a study of the documents contained in the secret files maintained by the Public Record Office, London.
  • Books by Baruch Hirson on the revolutionary movement in South Africa
  • Index to Searchlight South Africa
  • 'Justice for Southern Africa' pamphlet Mutiny in the ANC, 1984
  • Sam Levy's book The Epoch of Trotskyism

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