Britain, World War 2 and the Sama Samajists

A study of the documents contained in the secret files maintained by the Public Record Office, London

edited by Wesley S. Muthia and Sydney Wanasinghe

A Young Socialist Publication
12 Parakumba Place
Colombo 6
Sri Lanka

January 1996

ISBN 955 - 95284-4-0

This is primarily a collection of original documents preserved by the British state relating to the formation of the LSSP from 1935 to 1942. The book also contains material about the formation of the United Socialist Party, which later became the Communist Party of Sri Lanka.

68 original documents are reproduced, including statements by the LSSP and articles by several of its leading members, contemporary press reports and secret British state documents. This is a uniquely important resource for understanding the LSSP, and complements the special issue of Revolutionary History dealing with Ceylon/Sri Lanka, and the documents published in What Next?

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