This pamphlet presents first hand accounts by five of the mutineers in the 1984 mutiny in the camps of Umkhonto we Sizwe in Angola and Tanzania. It complements the materials presented in Searchlight South Africa on the same topics. It details the brutal suppression of the rank and file mutineers, under the guidance of security sections within the ANC, trained in Moscow and the GDR, responsible directly to the South African Communist Party. The savage regime in the ANC's "rehabilitation centres" is described in full. The involvement of ANC/SACP "heroes" such as Hani, Slovo and Tambo is made clear.

Mutiny in the ANC, 1984

As told by five of the mutineers


  • Introduction
  • Inside Quatro
  • A Miscarriage of Democracy : The ANC Security Department in the 1984 Mutiny in Umkhonto we Sizwe
    by Bandile Ketelo, Amos Maxongo, Zamxolo Tshona, Ronnie Massango and Luvo Mbengo
  • The Shooting of Sipho Phungulwa
  • SWAPO and the Six-Point Demands of the PCC
  • The ANC : From Kambe to the Johannesburg Conference

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