New Interventions

A Journal of Socialist Discussion and Opinion

New Interventions is a discussion magazine aimed at those who are interested in the future of socialism. The collapse of the Soviet Bloc has opened a new historical period which will present many opportunities for socialists, but also numerous problems to resolve. The aim of the magazine is to provide a forum for discussion unfettered by any orthodoxy of 'party line'. Editorially, the magazine is committed to a broad socialist perspective, and is committed to develop the Marxist and other strands of that outlook ; and at the same time bring forward new ideas that are consistent with the new epoch in which we live. Comments and contributions will be welcomed. Socialists of all shades are invited to participate.

Editorial Board
Pat Byrne
Paul Flewers
Chris Gray
Eric Jones
Alistair Mitchell
Dave Spencer

New Interventions was founded by the late Ken Tarbuck to promote a new and open approach to discussion among socialists.

While most of its material is focused on contemporary discussions, it also carries a number of historic documents (most recently some of Dave Hollis's new translations of Luxemburg), and writings on historical questions.

£ 9.50 for four issues, £ 18.00 for eight issues, unwaged hald price, institutions and abroad £ 13 for four issues. Cheques (sterling only) to be payable to New Interventions

Snail Mail
New Interventions, PO BOx 485, Coventry, CV5 6ZP, United Kingdom

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