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We live in an intellectually mean spirited age, where horizons are narrow and aspirations low, and where the dominant mood is one of cynicism and despair. Capitalism is as mired as ever in its own contradictions, yet any talk of an alternative society is dismissed with either a sneer or a snarl. Too many radicals have lost their sense of direction and their identity, and wallow in confusion and shallowness as they reject fundamental tenets and values as 'old fashioned'.

We at Porcupine Press consider this to be a mistaken course. We see the present era as a time of opportunity, with the chance to help with the rebirth of radical thought, based unequivocally upon the concept of self-emancipation. Marxism is a rich and broad tradition, centred on human freedom, and it is upon this richness and breadth that we wish to grow. We intend to publish original and provocative new material, as well as translating and republishing material of proven value in the areas of political thought, philosophy, history, cultural theory and economics.

If you wish to support this venture you can become a friend of Porcupine Press. For details, contact the address below.

  • In Defence of the Russian Revolution :
    A Selection of Bolshevik Writings, 1917 - 23

    edited by Al Richardson
    Includes a major speech by Lenin on the invasion of Poland (previously suppressed by the Stalinists), and other important and unavailable articles by Trotsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev, Bukharin, Tukhachevsky and Radek.Click for a review of this book
  • The Ideas of Leon Trotsky, edited by Hillel Ticktin and Michael Cox.
    A selection of essays from the journal Critique
    To contact Porcupine Press, write to 10 Woburn Walk
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