Sam Levy was a long term member of the Editorial Board of Revolutionary History. In November 1994 he published his own book "The Epoch of Trotskyism" which sums up his thinking about and analysis of the present stage of world capitalism. This is not an archive document, but we announce it here out of respect for our former comrade.

Articles by Sam Levy appeared in Revolutionary History Vol 1 No 3, Autumn 1988 (on the Proletarian Military Policy) and Vol 6 Nos 2/3, Summer 1996, (on the end of the RCP and its consequences). The latter was preceded by an obituary notice and an appreciation of his work.


by Sam Levy

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The following is the back cover "blurb" which I prepared while helping Sam prepare his book for publication.

Sam Levy is a veteran of the Trotskyist movement. His record of political activity dates back to before World War II, and he was a member of the WIL and later the RCP. During the collapse of the RCP he was one of the leaders of the "Open Party Faction". In 1956 he was a founder of "Socialist Current", and its leading theoretician until 1971. In recent years his work has been published in "Revolutionary History" and translated into French in the "Cahiers Leon Trotsky".

In "The Epoch of Trotskyism" he presents a Trotskyist analysis of the current world situation, drawing on the insights he has developed previously, and radically updating them to address the new conditions created by the collapse of the Stalinist regimes and the desparate measures being tried by the capitalist regimes. The conclusions he arrives at are profoundly optimistic for the future of Trotskyism, in marked contrast to the demoralisation and confusion into which many Trotskyists have fallen in the last few years. The failures of Stalinism, Social-Democracy and "free market" capitalism alike are not "the end of history", but the true beginning of The Epoch of Trotskyism.

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