Revolutionary History will not wish to review or promote every left journal. Where a journal makes available important historical documents for study and discussion, this complements our own work and we will be happy to draw such publications to the attention of our readers. What Next? is just such a case.

What Next?

What Next? is a discussion journal aimed at those who are interested in actively responding to the bankruptcy of the world capitalist system by fighting to re- establish revolutionary Marxism, as Lenin and Trotsky did for their time. The collapse of the regimes in the Soviet bloc signals a new historical period which demands Marxist analysis as a guide to action through open discussion uninhibited by sectarianism and phrasemongering.

The aim of the journal is to provide a forum for such discussion. In order to create the conditions for this, our editorial policy is broad. Comments and contributions will be welcomed.

Available from

92 Castlehaven Rd

Price £ 2 per issue, £ 10 subscription for 6 issues.


Issue 1

The collapse of the East-European Workers' States, by Jack Bernard
The Socialist Labour Party : Why Arthur Scargill is Wrong, by Bob Pitt
The Programme of Peace, by Leon Trotsky
Why the German Revolution Failed, by Walter Held

Issue 2

The Progress and Stagnation of Marxism, by Al Richardson
The Socialist Labour Party and Why Bob Pitt is Wrong, by Ian Dudley and Geoff Palmer
The SLP and the Crisis of Social Democracy, by Patrick Benton
The Spanish Socialist Party, by John Sullivan
Don't Shoot, by Jim Dye
Why the Socialist Revolution Has Failed, Jack Bernard
Review : 'The Choices for Russia : The Economic Programme of the Left Opposition', Socialist Action pamphlet, by Bob Pitt
The German Revolution in the Leninist Period, by Jean Van Heijenoort

Issue 3

Britain's Party of Recomposition : Why Trotskyists should join Socialist Labour, by Dave Osler
Revolutionary Opportunism, by Jack Bernard
Lenin's Concept of Hegemony, by Jonathan Joseph
Bosnia and the Rights of Nations to Self-Determination, by Al Richardson
Edmund Samarakoddy, by T. Perera
The National Question in Sri Lanka, by Edmund Samarakoddy
Introduction to Max Shachtman's 'Lenin and Rosa Luxemburg', by Tony Dale
Lenin and Rosa Luxemburg by Max Shachtman

Issue 4

Ireland and the Crisis of the British State, by David Coen
Socialists and the Scottish Question, by Gordon Morgan
The Spanish Communist Party and the Spanish Left, by John Sullivan
Why Marxists Should Have Defended Bosnia (and Why They Shouldn't), by Nick Davies
Revolutionary Regroupment, by Gerry Downing
Is the Time Ripe for the Slogan "The United States of Europe" ?, by Leon Trotsky Note by JJP - this appears to be the John G Wright translation available in both the Pathfinder and New Park editions of The First Five Years of the Communist International
Introduction to the above, by Jack Barnard
Reviews (Inc Jack Barnard on Zheng Chaolin's memoirs)
Letters (Inc Mike Jones on Walter Held and Brandler)

Issue 5

The crisis in the Basque country, by John Sullivan
The Cease-Fire : Not a stepping stone to a united Ireland, by Gerry Downing
Socialists and the Labour Party : Stay and prepare to fight, by Tony Dale
Travelling the capitalist road : The people's alliance government in Sri Lanka, by Meryl Fernando
The Bracegirdle saga : 60 years after, by T Perera
Millenial politics : The nightmare of George Orwell, by Al Richardson
Against neutralism : A reply to Al Richardson on Bosnia, by Joe Rassool
War communism in retrospect, by Paul Flewers
Reviews (inc Al Richardson on Volkogonoff's "Trotsky")

Also available from the same publisher

John McLean and the CPGB, £ 2
How the NKVD framed the POUM (admissions of a minister in the Republican government about the Stalinist murders of the left), £ 1.50

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