Editorial note on Vol 2 No 1.

The following note of corrections was prepared in relation to our issue Vol 2 No 1, dealing with the roles of Trotskyists in major strikes. For a number of reasons it was never published. We take the opportunity here to make it available for our subscribers.
There are a number of errors on pages 22 and 23.

The Note by the editors on French Trade Union structure at the bottom of page 23 should be immediately after the Introduction on Page 1 and before the iSt statement on page 2. At this position should be added the last section of the introduction to Document 6 on page 22 from "One of us was told by .... 800 members".

Also the two sentences starting "Front Ouvrier Renault, subtitled ...." and "There was no price ...." in the introduction to Document 6 on page 22 should be the introduction to Document 7.

The name of Daniel Renard should be after document 7 and Document 8 on page 23 but NOT after Document 6 on page 22 which is by Jean Bois.

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