Developments and changes on this web page

  • 15 November 97 : Posted corrected version of Harry Wicks India chapter
  • 14 November 97 : Added 5 new items to unpublished articles list
    • Notes on Percy Glading
    • "The Master and the Pupils", from Gegen Den Strom, 1929
    • A recent German article "rehabilitating" Jakob Walcher
    • Biographical sketch of Irwin Wolf
    • Biographical sketch of Otto Schü ssler
    Began to make more use of space around text in articles (thanks for advice from David Walters) and colour (thanks for advice from the unnameable muse).
  • 25 October 97 : Added 2 new items to unpublished articles list - Karliaftis on the birth of Bolshevism in Greece, Peng on Cuba. Added a note to the other projects list on Sam Levy's "The Epoch of Trotskyism".
  • 20 October 97 : Added new items on Bolivia by Jose Villa and "Juan Robles", and organised a sub menu on Bolivia. This will be the first step towards bringing order to our unpublished articles section. It also marks some other changes in policy - the splitting up of long documents into more manageable short files, and some small increase in the use of graphics and colour. We don't ever expect or intend to win any of the website beauty prizes - our main aim is to publish documents on the web - but we do also recognise the growing importance of this website to Revolutionary History's sales, and hence our ability to publish future issues. The site is becoming more of a shop window for us and we will try to put more effort into making it a pleasant environment for readers and customers.
  • 3 October 97 : Added interview with CLR James, and letters from South Africa to supplementary documents, updated entries for 'What Next ?' and Socialist Platform
  • 27 September 1997 : Added supplementary documents about CLR James
  • 15 July 1997 : Added 3 documents by CLR James to 'Other documents'
  • 11 March 1997 : Began adding file sizes to the document lists.
  • 11 March 1997 : Added Engels's 1844 article on the beer riots in Bavaria to 'Other Documents'.
    Updated note on 'What Next ?' with contents of No 3.
    Added document by Joe Rassool on NEUM (South Africa) to 'Supplementary Documents'.
    Added letter from Ticktin & Brotherstone on the work of the UK section of the Committee for the Study of Trotsky and his Legacy to 'Other Documents'.
  • 5 March 1997 : Added 3 items to 'Other Documents' (1 on Tibet, and 2 reports of conferences on the study of Trotsky). Added 2 Supplementary Articles (both on India)
  • 4 March 1997 : Added 3 items to 'Other Documents' (on Kollontai, on Origlass and on O'Flaherta).
    Added 2 items to 'Other projects' (on Harry Wicks biography, and on information sources).
    Added 4 new Supplementary Articles (Greek Trotskyists in Acronauplia concentration camp, Trotsky on China, Wicks on the SWP and Healy, Errata to Vol 2 No 1).
    Corrected the back issues list.
    Various minor amendments
  • 10 November 1996 : Added 5 new Supplementary Articles, on Trotsky's family during the Stalinist persecutions and after, an introduction to Trotsky's essays on the trade unions in the Soviet state (soon to be posted here), Ernie Rogers on working class patriotism, Brandlerism, and Willie Brandt on the Spanish Civil War
  • 4 November 1996 : Added 4 new Supplementary Articles, on Denmark, Spain, China and Estonia

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