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UK Association of Virtual Communities




1.    to promote awareness of the opportunities and problems inherent in Virtual Communities (VCs)

2.    to develop and promote a Code of Practice to be followed by responsible VCs

3.    to provide a Certification scheme for affiliated VCs.

4.    to provide a Complaints procedure for anyone who wishes to pursue a grievance against an affiliated VC

5.    to work with other voluntary and government sponsored bodies in associated activities in pursuit of the above aims.


The Code of Practice is currently in draft form and will be posted on this site when it has been approved by the Council.



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What is a Virtual Community?

The concept of a “community” is widely accepted.  It may be defined as a recognisable body of people, or associated bodies, in which there is a concept of membership or belonging.

An example might be all the occupants of a street, neighbourhood or town, or all people (wherever they may now reside) who would acknowledge their origins as such. Others might be adherents to a religious belief, followers of a sport or devotees of a hobby.

A virtual community is a community in which there is remote communication between members.


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