Suzuki GSXF600 Bandit in Brief

The throttle goes both ways - but only one of them is fun!
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28th March 1997

Suzuki GSXF600 Bandit

Had a go on a 600 Bandit today; one of the other contractors at the site has the bikini-faired Bandit, and since I had to go into Abingdon at lunchtime to collect my leathers, we swapped keys. He was impressed by the stability and power of the VFR, while I decided that I could absolutely see the attraction of the 600 Bandit. I was looking for another gear a couple of times, it's a bit light and flimsy, and not much fun flat out in a straight line, and the suspension is clearly not yer top race-rep stuff, but - for the money - it is frankly the absolute dogs bollocks, and just from wanging it round a few of roundabouts, I'd suggest that it'd be top fun going for it on a twisty A-road, and yet if you got zapped by plod you'd probably keep your licence; try that on a 748SP at 4 times the price, eh Nige?

If it was me, I'd want more grunt - which the 1200, except that I reckon the spendies wouldn't keep up, and it wouldn't be anything like as light. Suzuki have a 750 Bandit in some markets that I guess would be the ideal combination...

12,000+ Buell Cyclone when you can get a 600 Bandit for 4,000 and change? Do fuck off!



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