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12th July 1995

I have in my hands a piece of paper... is a CBT certificate which I obtained yesterday. Today I spent my time buzzing round Aylesbury on a 100cc Yamaha. Can you imagine anything half as ridiculous as 19 stone of leather-clad yours truly actually riding such a thing? I've asked them, as a special favour, to put their CB125 back together for me so that, after a day on it next Wednesday, I can use it on my bike test - if and when the DSA extract their digit and give me a test date. The glorified moped won't do more than 40 flat out with me on board, even with me wringing it's scrawny little neck, and virtually any manoeuvre requires me to drop into first gear.

Do all bikes have gearboxes like a plate of porridge and a randomly operating neutral light?


Ken Haylock



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