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23rd October 2000

Welcome to woodentop kindergarten...

Fucking hell. Like I've nothing better to do than spend half an hour of what should have been chargeable time trying to crawl up the back passage of one of a group of fresh-faced probationers out on a 'let's play at hassling the grown ups' session organised by their den mother. He was genuinely going to stick me on for 'failing to display'. On the Laguna Tiger. It was only when my tongue was fair worn out from licking his brown-eye, while he simultaneously wrestled inexpertly with his ticket book and wagged his finger at me for my heinous sin, that his Sergeant wandered within earshot and responded to my plea for clemency by persuading his eager young charge (once he had ascertained that the bike really was taxed) that I probably wasn't the menace to society that he had first assumed, and that he might cut me some slack. Which he finally agreed to do (looking like a kid who had been denied a puppy at christmas, it has to be said) - but only after he had had me phone Laguna on my mobile so that he could tell their workshop manager that he was a very naughty boy down the phone and instruct him to put the tax disk for the bike in the post to me first class.

So I did at least get some entertainment out of being stopped...

Ken Haylock - [Triumph Sprint ST]



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