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Information is available on our Fax Toolkit, together with fully working sample files to download.

Purchasers of the Fax Modem Sourcebook by Andrew Margolis will also find the latest errata sheet for the version of the toolkit included with the book.

About Margolis & Co and Andrew Margolis

Margolis & Co is essentially the trading style of Andrew Margolis. I've found that while most good, reliable items of software are essentially the work of one person, speaking in the plural nevertheless inspires confidence. Actually, though I do handle most projects personally, I have a number of informal associates with whom I make up a skilled development network which has been built up over a number of years.

I have been developing, supporting, documenting and marketing software since 1982 on a consultancy basis for many satisfied clients as well as for myself, and am always available to discuss new projects.

You can mail me from here if you have any specific enquiries, proposals or specifications.

Additionally, any UK based software developers with fax experience who are looking for permanent paid employment are welcome to contact me via this site.

Most of my software to date has been systems and communications related, and I have a particular expertise with fax protocols, fax modems, and intellectual property. I am also an accomplished technical writer, and I am as comfortable producing technical manuals and books as I am with articles for specialist computer magazines. I regularly lecture and lead seminars, and have also broadcast on computer matters for the BBC.

It isn't possible to list all the licensees of my popular Fax Toolkit, but as well as fax products, satisfied clients in all areas include:

AEG Olympia, Apple Computers, Aztec, Belgrave Group plc, Booker, BP, British Psychological Society, British Telecom, Business Automation, COM1, Computer Seminars, Cray Communications, Data General, Datastor Systems, Esselte Letraset, Extek, Fox Television, Instant Technology, Jarogate, Marsh-Rand Electronics, Mercury Communications, Minster Insurance, North East Thames Regional Health Authority, Psion Software plc, Qualcast, Retail Systems Associates, Rumbelows, SCA Products, Teli plc, The Childrens Society, The Salvage Association, The Volunteer Centre, 3COM Sonix, Ziff-Davis UK


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