The Fax Modem Sourcebook

by Andrew Margolis

Published by John Wiley & Sons 1995
ISBN 0-471-95072-6
approx. 350pp Paper/Disk Pak

The Fax Modem Sourcebook was reprinted in 2000. The text remains the same, but the floppy disk was replaced with a CD (containing code updated to incorporate all the fixes on the errata page here).


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Most modems today have fax capability and come bundled with fax software, but their manuals are strangely silent about how the whole process works. This first part of this book gives a basic grounding in fax modem technology to both the novice and experienced user. It explains why fax machines are easy to set up and then work every time, but computer faxes are tricky to install and often fail to work reliably. The second part is a complete reference for technical users. From the computer hardware and system software on your desk through the modem itself to the international standards set by ANSI/EIA/TIA and the CCITT/ITU-T, this section brings all the relevant technical documentation together in one place. Part three shows how easy it is to write your own fax software. Full code is presented and developed for turning ordinary text into fax images and then transmitting them, as well as for receiving faxes and displaying them on screen or printing them out. A disk with full source code to a Fax Toolkit, also containing many more pages of disk notes and associated specifications, is included with a non-commercial license for use of the code, for which corrections and updates are made freely available via the errata sheet available at this site.


  1. Fax Basics.
  2. The Structure of a Fax Document.
  3. Fax Documents : Advanced Topics.
  4. Storing Fax Images.
  5. Decoding Fax Images.
  6. The Structure of a Fax Session.
  7. Fax Session: Advanced Topics.
  8. Introduction to EIA Fax Modems.
  9. Programming Class 1 Fax Modems.
  10. Programming Class 2 Fax Modems.
  11. Programming Class 2.0 Fax Modems.
  12. Contents of Disk Notes.
  13. Further Reading.
  14. Index.