The Fax Toolkit

The Fax Toolkit from Margolis & Co includes routines for :

  1. Turning text files into fax files (TIFF Class F) with options for 1-D and 2-D T.4 encoding or T.6 encoding, both fine and normal resolution.

  2. Sending and receiving faxes using either class 1, class 2 or class 2.0 fax modems. Fine and normal resolution with 1-D or 2-D T.4 and T.6 faxes supported (if the modem can handle it). Error correction mode (ECM) is also supported on those class 1 modems that have high-speed HDLC capability.

  3. Outputting received faxes to a variety of devices : as well as IBM PC graphics screens, a range of dot-matrix, laser and bubblejet printers are supported. There is also an option for conversion of faxes to uncompressed TIFF bit images.

The source code to the toolkit is available to registered users. It is written almost entirely in ANSI C. However, since the code is tested and developed on PCs under DOS, the version currently provided includes some machine dependent routines in assembler for direct screen output and around eight routines for low-level i/o. Sample programs derived from the toolkit, which will run on PCs under DOS, are available for download here.

How to register the toolkit and obtain the source code

A CD containing the toolkit is included with The Fax Modem Sourcebook. You can order the book now by following one of our ordering links.

Alternatively, a CD with all versions of the source code can be obtained directly from us for £36 UKP (including postage). Payment details are at the bottom of this page.

The software license for the toolkit in both versions is a NON-COMMERCIAL one ; this basically gives you an individual licence to use and play with the code, but not to use it in a corporate environment or any products available for sale. If you decide that you want to exploit this commercially, you must subsequently negotiate a commercial licence.

To obtain a copy of the tookit, you can either send £36 UKP via this Paypal link:
or send a cheque for £36 UKP made out to Andrew Margolis to the address below.

Andrew Margolis
228 Alexandra Park Road,
Wood Green, London N22 7BH, UK

Telephone/Fax : +44 20 8889 7755
Email :