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I started diving in 1991, after a Resort Course in St Lucia in 1990.  I was subsequently trained at Crawley BS­AC where I remain an active member, having been Treasurer, Diving Officer, and Secretary at various times.  I am a BS-AC First Class DiverNational Instructor, an IANTD Technical Nitrox Diver and Rebreather Diver, and a BS-AC Nitrox Instructor.  I regularly teach most courses for the BS-AC South-East Region, work on the BS-AC Instructor Training Scheme, and I am an Area Coach for a few BS-AC branches in the Region.

I'm a member of the British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSOUP) and a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society (FRPS). I appear to be the only person teaching underwater photography courses for the BS-AC Coaching Scheme, which I have done on a regular, but infrequent, basis since 1994.

I've logged over 1300 dives now in various parts of the world including Ibiza, Cyprus, Gozo, Menorca, Turkey, Thailand, Maldives, Sulawesi and the Red Sea, as well as in England and Scotland, but mainly dive with my Club on the South Coast of England, most recently in Cornwall, or at Stoney Cove (an inland diver training site in Leicestershire).  My diving in the UK revolves around wrecks (what else is there?), but when abroad I always take in a camera, and have shot about 600 rolls of film in the process (wow - that's over 20,000 photographs!).

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