I'm a bit of a book collector, (that's the way I learn best) and much of the contents of my photographic library appear below.. I consider most of them to be excellent, and they are well worth a read (if only at your local library!).

"Coffee Table" Books

Coffee Table books are generally printed on excellent paper stock and are hardbound. They represent the best in examples of practitioners showing off their art. These are the books to refer to when you think that you're taking really good photos - when your ego needs deflating!  On a more serious note, they are examples of quality to aim for, and what is achievable.


 Author   Title   Publisher   ISBN 
 Doubilet, David  Light in the Sea
 Swan Hill Press  1-85310-181-8
 Doubilet, David  Pacific: an Undersea Journey
 Bulfinch Press  0-8212-1903-0
 Doubilet, David  Water Light Time
 Phaidon Press  0-7148-3828-4
 Pitkin, Linda  The Living Sea
 Fountain Press  0-86343-321-9
 Pitkin, Linda  Under Northern Seas
 Salamander Books  0-86101-973-3
 Petrinos, Constantinos  Realm of the Pygmy Seahorse
 Starfish Press  9608701600
 Hall, Howard  Secrets of the Ocean Realm
 Carroll &  0-7867-0453-5
 Sammon, Rick  Rhythm of the Reef
 Swan Hill Press  1-85310-741-7
 Stafford-Deitsch, Jeremy  Reef
 Headline  0-7472-0381-4
 Wu, Norbert  Splendors of the Sea
 Konemann UK Ltd  3-8290-1114-8
 Auerbach  Diving the Rainbow Reefs
 Mosby Lifeline  0-8016-0321-8
 Amsler, Kurt  The Maldives
 Swan Hill Press  1-85310-709-3
 Byatt, Andrew  The Blue Planet
 BBC Consumer Publishing (Books)  0-563-38498-0
 Wong, Michael  Sipadan
 Odyssey Publishing  981-00-2821-0


 Author   Title   Publisher   ISBN 
 Attenborough, Sir David  Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 1
 Fountain Press  0-86343-395-2
 Wilkinson, Peter  Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 2
 Fountain Press  0-86343-306-5
 Attenborough, Sir David  Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 3
 Fountain Press  0-86343-351-0
 Gilks, Helen  Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 4
 Fountain Press  0-86343-371-5
 Bellamy, David  Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 5
 Fountain Press  0-86343-396-0
 Meehan, Joseph  Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 6
 Fountain Press  0-86343-327-8
 Ricketts, Harry  Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 7
 Fountain Press  0-86343-347-2
 Ricketts, Harry  Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 8
 Fountain Press  0-86343-303-0
 Ricketts, Harry  Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 9
 Fountain Press  0-86343-338-3
 BBC Wildlife Magazine  Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 10
 BBC Consumer Publishing (Books)  0-563-53706-X
 Packham, Chris  Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 11
 BBC Consumer Publishing (Books)  0-563-53448-6
 Lobmayr, Gogol  Fascinating Nature
 Brigitte Tecklenborg  3-924044-35-X


 Author   Title   Publisher   ISBN 
 Jeffrey, Ian  The Photography Book
 Phaidon Press  0-7148-3634-6
 Meehan, Joseph  Photography Yearbook: 1996
 Fountain Press  0-86343-302-2
 Meehan, Joseph  Photography Yearbook: 1997
 Fountain Press  0-86343-317-0
 Meehan, Joseph  Photography Yearbook: 1998
 Fountain Press  0-86343-342-1
 Hinterobermaier, Chris  Photography Yearbook: 1999
 Fountain Press  0-86343-377-4
 Hinterobermaier, Chris  Photography Yearbook: 2000
 Fountain Press  0-86343-333-2
 Hinterobermaier, Chris  Photography Yearbook: 2001
 Fountain Press  0-86343-378-2

Photographic Technique and Practice

You're not going to get as good as the examples above without a bit of help. The difference between these books and the ones above, is that these are primarily written to convey technique and practice, (although some of the photographs in them are no less stunning). They are generally printed in paperback, and admittedly some photos would never get past a coffee table editor!


 Author   Title   Publisher   ISBN 
 Edge, Martin  The Underwater Photographer
 Focal Press  0-240-51433-5
 Couet, Heinz-Gert de  The Manual of Underwater Photography
 Wiesbaden. Christa Hemmen.  3-925919-02-3
 Hall, Howard  Successful Underwater Photography
 Marcor Publishing  0-932248-03-9
 Church, Jim  Jim Church's Essential Guide to Nikonos Systems
 Aqua Quest Publications  1-881652-04-1
 Sammon, Rick  The Complete Guide to Photographing Underwater Wonders
 Swan Hill Press  1-85310-593-7
 Seaborn, Charles R.  Underwater Photography
 Amphoto Books  0-8174-6336-4
 Koehler, Annemarie  The Underwater Photography Handbook
 New Holland Publishers (UK)  1-85368-641-7
 Webster, Mark  The Art and Technique of Underwater Photography
 Fountain Press  0-86343-352-9
 Berwin, Derek  Creative Techniques in Underwater Photography
 B.T. Batsford  0-7134-4035-X
 Laymon, Lynn  Underwater Videographer's Handbook
 Amherst Media  0-936262-18-4


 Author   Title   Publisher   ISBN 
 Lepp, George  Beyond the Basics II
 Lepp and Associates  0-9637313-1-9
 Lepp, George  Beyond the Basics
 Lepp and Associates  0-9637313-0-0
 Shaw, John  John Shaw's Closeups in Nature
 Amphoto Books  0-8174-4052-6
 Shaw, John  The Nature Photographer's Complete Guide
 Amphoto Books  0-8174-5006-8
 Peterson, B. Moose  Nikon Guide to Wildlife Photography
 Silver Pixel Press  1-883403-06-5
 Angel, Heather  Photographing the Natural World
 Collins and Brown  1-85585-185-7
 Angel, Heather  How to Photograph Flowers
 Stackpole Books  0-8117-2455-7
 McDonald, Joe  The Wildlife Photographer's Field Manual
 Amherst Media  0-936262-07-9
 Hicks, Roger  Nature and Landscapes
 Cassell Illustrated  0-304-34352-8
 Waite, Charlie  The Making of Landscape Photographs
 Collins and Brown  1-85585-149-0
 Norton, Boyd  The Art of Outdoor Photography
 Robert Hale  0-7090-5381-9


 Author   Title   Publisher   ISBN 
 Grill, Tom  Photographic Composition
 Watson-Guptill Publications  0-8174-5427-6
 Patterson, Freeman  Photography and the Art of Seeing
 Key Porter Books Ltd  1-55013-099-4
 Peterson, Bryan F.  Learning to See Creatively
 Amphoto  0-8174-4177-8
 Marx, Kathleen  Right Brain/ Left Brain Photography
 Amphoto  0-8174-5717-8
 Freeman, Michael  The Encyclopedia of Practical Photography
 Tiger Books  1-870461-39-8


 Author   Title   Publisher   ISBN 
 No Author  Close-Up Photography
 Eastman Kodak, US  0-87985-608-4
 Meehan, Joseph  The Art of Close-up Photography
 Fountain Press  0-86343-356-1
 Hicks, Roger  Still Life and Close-up
 Cassell Illustrated  0-304-34400-1
 Davies, Paul Harcourt  The Complete Guide to Close Up and Macro
 David &  0-7153-0800-9
 Ericksenn, Lief  Adventures in Close-up Photography
 Amphoto Books  0-8174-3502-6


 Author   Title   Publisher   ISBN 
 Hicks, Roger  Still Life
 RotoVision  2-88046-272-X
 Hicks, Roger  Food Shots
 RotoVision  2-88046-227-4
 Hicks, Roger  Product Shots
 RotoVision  2-88046-228-2
 Hicks, Roger  Interior Shots
 RotoVision  2-88046-247-9
 Hicks, Roger  Portraits
 RotoVision  2-88046-273-8
 Hilton, Jonathan  Studio Portrait Photography
 RotoVision  2-88046-254-1
 Daye, David  Special Effects Photography
 RotoVision  2-88046-268-1
 Hicks, Roger  Special Effects
 RotoVision  2-88046-248-7
 Williamson, Stu  Stu Williamson's Concept to Print
 Argentum  1-902538-00-5

Photography Basics

All the technique in the world isn't going to help you if you can't tell your ASA from your elbow. These books cover the basics of photography, - and let you know how it all started.


 Author   Title   Publisher   ISBN 
 Langford, Michael  The Story of Photography
 Focal Press  0-240-51044-5
 Langford, Michael  Basic Photography
 Focal Press  0-240-51257-X
 Langford, Michael  Advanced Photography
 Focal Press  0-240-51088-7
 Newhall, Beaumont  The History of Photography
 Museum of Modern Art, New York  0-87070-381-1
 Wells, Liz  Photography: A Critical Introduction
 Routledge  0-415-12559-6
 Clarke, Graham  The Photograph
 Oxford Paperbacks  0-19-284200-5


Sort of what's left - film, processing, equipment oand other reference material.

Black and White

 Author   Title   Publisher   ISBN 
 Hicks, Roger  The Black and White Handbook
 David &  0-7153-0572-7
 Taylor, Martin L.  Advanced Black-And-White Photography
 Silver Pixel Press  0-87985-760-9
 Paduano, Joseph  The Art of Infrared Photography
 Amherst Media  0-936262-50-8
 White, Laurie  Infrared Photography Handbook
 Amherst Media  0-936262-38-9
 Eastman Kodak  Kodak Professional Black and White Films
 Kodak Books  0-87985-651-3


 Author   Title   Publisher   ISBN 
 No Author  Basic Developing, Printing and Enlarging in Color
 Kodak Books  0-87985-662-9
 Eastman Kodak  Kodak Black and White Darkroom Dataguide
 Kodak Books  0-87985-602-5
 Coote, Jack H.  Ilford Monochrome Darkroom Practice
 Focal Press  0-240-51368-1
 DeMaio, Joe  The New Darkroom Handbook
 Focal Press  0-240-80260-8
 Rudman, Tim  Photographer's Master Printing Course
 Mitchell Beazley  1-85732-407-2
 Tinsley, John  The Rotary Processor Manual
 Fountain Press  0-902979-11-6
 Current, Ira  Photographic Color Printing
 Focal Press  0-240-51787-3
 Young, W. Arthur  Copying and Duplicating
 Kodak Books  0-87985-343-3
 No Author  Slides: Planning and Producing
 Kodak Books  0-87985-291-7


 Author   Title   Publisher   ISBN 
 Peterson, B. Moose  Nikon System Handbook
 Huber, Michael  The Advanced Nikon System
 Silver Pixel Press  1-883403-03-0
 Clements, John  Nikon F90/N90/X
 Hove Foto Books  1-874031-01-0
 Evans, Susan  Nikon SB-25 Flash System
 Hove Foto Books  1-874031-06-1
 Hogan, Thom  The Nikon Field Guide
 Silver Pixel Press  1-883403-44-8
 Hillebrand, Rudolf  Nikon Compendium
 Hove Books  1-897802-02-1
 No Author  Kodak Professional Photoguide
 Kodak Books  0-87985-009-4
 Platt, Richard  The Professional Guide to Photo Data
 Mitchell Beazley  0-85533-730-3
 Ray, Sidney F.  Photographic Data Pocket Book
 Focal Press  0-240-51385-1
 Ray, Sidney F.  Photographic Lenses and Optics Pocket Book
 Focal Press  0-240-51387-8
 Meehan, Joseph  The Complete Book of Photographic Lenses
 Amphoto Books  0-8174-3697-9


 Author   Title   Publisher   ISBN 
 Lewis, Dewi  Publishing Photography
 Dewi Lewis Publishing  0-948797-81-9
 No Author  Guide to Successful Commercial Photography
 Davis, Harold  Photographer's Publishing Handbook
 Writer's Digest Books  0-929667-07-7


 Author   Title   Publisher   ISBN 
 Evening, Martin  Adobe Photoshop 6.0 for Photographers
 Focal Press  0-240-51633-8
 Haynes, Barry  Photoshop 5/5.5 Artistry
 New Riders  0-7357-0994-7
 Blatner, David  Real World Photoshop 5
 Addison Wesley  0-201-35375-X
 Davies, Adrian  An Introduction to Electronic Imaging for Photographers
 Focal Press  0-240-51384-3
 Eismann, Katrin  Photoshop Restoration and Retouching
 Que  0-7897-2318-2
 Ferguson, Max  Digital Darkroom Masterclass
 Focal Press  0-240-51569-2


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