Lesson 2 The Underwater Photo Course
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  1. Next time you go diving, ensure that your buddy has some colourful items of equipment on them. Red SMB's, orange flags, green torches - that sort of thing. Take you underwater camera with you, and take shots of you buddy from about 1 metre every 5 metres on the descent. Evaluate the results for loss of colour.

  2. Next time you are in the swimming pool, find a willing model, and take shots of them from increasing distances. Start with 1 metre, and then increase by a metre at the time. Try and aim the strobe squarely at them. Evaluate your results and assess how well you managed to aim the strobe.

  3. Also in the swimming pool, try and take shots of people on the side of the pool from underwater. Find out how far Snell's Window extends.

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