Lesson 7 The Underwater Photo Course
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  1. Review the list of essential tools and spares in the text.
  2. Go around the house and collect everything that you can find on the list.
  3. Work out what it is that you are missing. Is it important? Are you ever likely to need it or use it? If so, go out and buy one.
  4. Get all your bits together from (2), including the newly bought bits (3), and weigh them all. Do they come to more than your airline baggage allowance? Decide what you really need to take with you. Make a list (so you don't forget something, and find something to securely pack them all in.
  5. Practice cleaning your camera, including o-rings, grooves, mating surfaces, and optics. Keep doing it until you are quite happy that the bits you have cleaned couldn't possibly be any cleaner.
  6. Put together a list of people to blame and plausable reasons to blame them, to take the heat off you when your camera floods (but it isn't going to now is it?).

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