Results for NOC Winter League, Bramcote HIlls, 14/10/2012

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Thank you to Radu for taking the plunge and planning for the first time. Also thanks go to Richard Torr who did a superb job mentoring Radu and helping me with his controller knowledge.

On the day, a well-oiled team of volunteers delivered a slickly run event. Big thank you to Alison, Alison, Tony, Tony, Tony, Margaret, Bob, Michael, Dave, Helen, Pauline and the team leaders for helping out.

Catherine Hughes


Thank you all for the positive feedback I received. It was a lovely experience to plan and I hope everyone enjoyed their courses.

I also want to say thank you to Catherine and Richard who helped me with the planning and the preparation of the event.

Radu Rosca (Chem Eng student at Nottingham Uni)

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