Results for NOC District Event, Bramcote Hills & Hemlockstone, 07/04/2013

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I have lived in Nottingham for less than two years and had already done three events on Bramcote. Therefore when I was asked to plan this event I knew it would be a challenge to keep it fresh for those of you who have been here longer. To do this I aimed for some complex short legs and where possible, some longer/route choice legs, mainly using the hills as the round/straight option. I also wanted to ensure that most people got to the best of the area, even if that meant a high number of controls on each course, some criss-crossing of the area and two-part maps (has short green ever had two maps, two time-outs and 19 controls all within 3km?). Despite having a feeling that our local top elite/M21s would run sub-6 min/k, I felt the hills would be steep for the majority, so I aimed for the lower end of distance range. Hopefully this all came together, to give you all a deceptively challenging physical and technical run.

During the event my two fears were that we'd run out of maps or a control would be stolen. Despite a strong turn out we seemed to have judged the map printing about right, so the former didn't occur. However there were three SI units stolen over the road in Hemlockstone (strangely just the units, the controls were untouched!). This will have affected a large number of you on the TD5 courses, so thank you for having the foresight to use the back up punches and our apologies if this diminished from your run at all. Hopefully we'll have sorted all the re-instatements correctly on the published results. There were also a few other more minor issues with a couple of new fences that have appeared almost overnight, a control description open to mis-interpretation (#85) and I was somewhat overeager collecting the 2nd last brown control in (I think Pete Hodgkinson will be claiming he lost 45s there!).

My thanks go to all the NOC helper team, and particularly Mick Lucking for updating the map (in deep snow), David Olivant for sorting the original Condes file, Michael Napier for his usual SI wizardry (with the added 90s time-out challenge and the 3 replaced SI units), Alison Slater for her smooth organisation and Alan Beardsley for his calm controlling and keeping me on track. My final thanks go to my 8-year old son Ben who got up early this morning to help me hang the controls in Hemlockstone, set up start/finish, helped at download and still won his White course! He hadn't seen the map/course before hand honest!

Anthony Squire - M35 (NOC)

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