Results for NOC Summer League, Brierley Country Park, 23/09/2012

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Thanks to everyone who came on what was a clear but chilly morning. I took great satisfaction from the many happy faces and generally good feedback on the courses. I tried to get as much variation in the courses as possible and it was good to see people taking a number of different route choices. I do have to apologise for two slight oversights:

(1) The pictoral description for #69 was incorrect and moreover this affected route choice. I had moved this control part way through the course setting process and whilst I had updated the text description, I missed updating the pictoral description.

(2) Competitors who took the track route choice round the northern section of the map and then found themselves exploring Brierley Forest Golf course. I wasn't aware the track continued off the map and I'll feed this back.

Credit to the competitors who all took the above very well.

Thanks also to my Mum and Dad for helping with registration and the start respectively and the Horsewills for collecting controls..

Andy Llewellyn

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