Results for NOC District Event, Byron's Walk, 01/11/2009

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When we arrived to set up, we were on track for a wash-out. Some local roads were closed due to flooding, and the volunteers were soaked through. Some of the courses had unplanned 'streams' to contend with as the water drained down from the top of the hills. By mid-morning however the weather had taken a turn for the better and blue skies showed themselves, and the day was a resounding success.

As my first event as organiser, I would particularly like to thank Bob Alderson and Dave Cooke for their mentoring and support, as well as Dave for the challenging and interesting routes he mapped. Also Peter Hubberstey as controller, and Mick and Angela Lucking who bravely and admirably took on the PC's for the automatic registration and download. Last but not least the marvellous team of hard working volunteers who persevered brilliantly and without complaint to make today happen.

Julie Webster

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