Results for UK & EM Urban, Clifton NW (Nottingham), 12/05/2019

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BOF Rankings Please note that the results for this event will not be uploaded to British Orienteering as mass starts events are not eligible. See Competition Rule S section 2.1.1.

11am Thursday Added Splitsbrowser with all gaffles reduced to single gaffle per course.

12noon Monday final results published. There are no splits as there were 76 difference gaffles (out of a possible 86) run by 160 competitors. However watch this space: I hope to manipulate the Butterflies and Phis so that it looks like everyone on the same course ran the same gaffle.
14.20pm Sunday provisional results uploaded

Splitsbrowser (graph) by class (or select classes on same course). This has Butterflies and Phis reduced to a common order so you are very likely to have actually taken the controls in a different order.

Class Results
Men Open (M0)
M40+ (MV)
M55+ (MSV)
M65+ (MUV)
M75+ (MHV)
M16- (MJ)
M12- (MYJ)
Women Open (WO)
W40+ (WV)
W55+ (WSV)
W65+ (WUV)
W75+ (WHV)
W16- (WJ)
W12- (WYJ)

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