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Late entries: Late on-line entries available until midnight Thursday 13th Fabian4 online entry.

Essential Information
Courses: White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Very Short Green, Short Green, Green, Short Blue, Blue, Short Brown, Brown and Black.
EM Championships: Please enter appropriate course for your age. See preliminary details.
Start times: 10:30 to 12:30.
Start: single start 900m from assembly. Finish 1km back to assembly.
Punching: SportIdent, NOT contactless.
SI-Cards: SI-Card 8 (2,000,000 to 2,999,999) is not recommended to be used on the Black course.
Dogs: Assembly area only and under control.
Location: Assembly at Grid Ref SK630709. Nearby Postcode for SatNav NG22 9WH.

EM Championships
To qualify for an EMOA trophy you must be a British Orienteering member, with EMOA as your pimary affiliation and run an appropriate course for year age. Please see the Courses section in the Preliminary Details flier: link above.

Robin Hood Trophy
The Robin Hood Trophy is open to all competitors with separate scoring for Men and Women: see rules for details.

Pre-entry is recommended.

On-line entries are available at Fabian4 online entry with entries now closing midnight on Thursday 12th December 2018.

EOD Subject to map availability.

Entry Fees
Pre-entry and EOD:
Seniors 12 (Light Green to Black), 6 on White, Yellow, and Orange.
Juniors/Students 6
Family 30

SportIdent Hire 1
SportIdent Loss 30

Registration will be open from 10:00 to 12:00.

Start Times
Start times are from 10:30 to 12:30. Pre-entry start times will be allocated. Punching start. Courses close 14:00.

Mixed woodland with varying runnability and limited contour detail. Courses have been planned to make use of the most runnable parts of the area.

Dogs permitted in the Assembly area only. They must be fully under control. It is essential that dog owning competitors and their friends/family comply as there are game bird rearing areas and other wildlife which must not be disturbed. No dogs to be running loose within the Assembly area.

Organiser: Helen and Robert Parkinson (NOC) .
Planner: Richard Dearden (NOC).
Controller: Mike Gardner (DVO).

Intermediate Results should be available at Live-O mobile communcations permitting. Why not bookmark Live-0 in your phone or browser for easy access to this and future Live-O events.
Final Results and splits will be posted here as soon as possible after the event

Organising Club NOC