Install Guide

If you have previously installed MERCS v2.84, please e-mail or call Michael Napier for specific instructions.

To install the Visual Foxpro runtime library please run (or download, save and run) vfp7runs.exe: Visual Foxpro 7 runtime library.
The Visual Foxpro runtime library need only be installed once for both Colour and MERCS.

To install MERCS run (or download, save and run) the MERCS installation program: Installation file
You should install mercs.exe into folder "c:\mercs" (or "c:\shared\mercs" on a server) rather than the default folder of "c:\program files\neper\mercs". You now need to apply the update files for all modules. See Update MERCS.

To Update MERCS download as required each of the update files (see the Download section on the previous page) into an appropriate folder or onto the desktop. Use WinZip or similar to extract the contained files into folder "c:\mercs" or "c:\shared\mercs" or whichever folder that contains mercs.exe.

For Windows 7, 8 or 10, click on Dynazip to download the Dynazip installation component and save in the MERCS installation folder (typically c:\mercs or c:\shared\mercs).

Click on Wsc4fp to download the Marshall Soft Windows Serial Component and save in the MERCS installation folder (typically c:\mercs or c:\shared\mercs).

To run MERCS, click Start, select Programs, Orienteering and MERCS to launch MERCS (or run c:\mercs\mercs.exe or c:\shared\mercs\mercs.exe). You may wish to create a desktop short cut.

Getting started

  • These guidelines assume you are familiar with Colour
  • Download an up-to-date BOF membership onLineEntry.XML file
  • Run MERCS

  • File locations

    MERCS Install folder

    Unless otherwise specified, mercs.exe and the module (.app) files are installed into folder C:\Program Files\neper\mercs. However, you are strongly recommended to have installed MERCS into folder c:\mercs or better still, especially on a server, c:\shared\mercs. The MERCS install program only installs files into this folder. Thus, uninstalling MERCS will remove the contents of this folder and will not remove any event/data files.

    MERCS Home folder

    When you run MERCS for the first time it will designate one of the following as the "Root" folder:

    and create the following folders (where "~" represents one of the above "Root" folders):
    If the "Root" is c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\mrcdata\ please call Michael Napier for instructions to move the "Root" to c:\mercs or c:\shared\mercs.

    Please note that on Windows Vista and Windows 7 c:\Documents and Settings\All users may have a different name.


    On the Server make the folder that contains the MERCS Root folder (initially c:\mercs, c:\shared\mercs or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents) sharable with write permission. I strongly recommend sharing folder c:\shared and if necessary copying all the files and subfolders in folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\mrcdata into folder c:\shared\mercs.

    Then, on each work station:

  • Map the shared folder to a drive letter (say S:)
  • Install MERCS (on local disk in folder c:\mercs or c:\shared\mercs)
  • Run MERCS, click Maintenance, click Network, click New path
  • Updates

    If you put MERCS update modules (.app) files into the MERCS Files folder on the server (i.e. c:\shared\mercs\files, then MERCS will be able to update itself on the workstations. In this way you only need to put the update modules in one place only.

    Michael Napier tel TBA,