All About Andre

Andre'n'Mickey pictureThanks for being interested in me! Here's a bit of background on your FAQ-editor and webmaster:

I am a 36 year old, married, freelance computer programmer, currently specialising in internet web site design - see my home page for further details. I have also authored several computer manuals and technical documentation, and in the dim and distant past was Technical Editor (and later Editor) of "Atari User" and then "Atari ST User" magazines.

I've also worked on various science-fiction publications, mainly as consultant regarding the "Star Trek: The Next generation" TV series. Apart from being a contributor to Starburst and TV Zone magazines, I also edited the Paramount-licenced "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Official Poster Magazine for Visual Imagination Ltd for five years.

In my spare time I organise audio/visual setups for science fiction conventions, which is great fun. The biggest events (such as the recent World Con in Glasgow) now require broadcast-spec equipment - which is exhausting, but kinda fun!

My involvement with video system operations led to my assisting Encore Entertainment Ltd with the supplement section for their "Jason and the Argonauts" special edition laserdisc, and when the company signed up 20th Century Fox I was asked to join them as a full-time production co-ordinator, which I did for several years. I also designed and implemented their web site, and that of their associated House of Laser mail order operation.

My hobbies include Disney and science fiction (surprise!), video/laserdisc & television (from an entertainment and a technical/production point of view), films, books, music and computer technology (including printing & imaging systems). I'm also very into Disney theme parks, visiting Paris and Florida whenever the opportunity arises. Continuing with the Disney link, I also work part-time at our local Disney Store to fill in between freelance jobs, which is great fun.

Well that just about wraps it up for the quick overview of me. For anyone who still wishes to know more, you can view my online C.V.

Best Wishes,

Andre Willey
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