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Andre Willey
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West Midlands area of England (please email me for further details)
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 Personal Profile 
I am conscientious, hard-working and adaptable - easily able to acquire fresh skills and work towards new challenges in diverse areas. I have undertaken a wide range of tasks based on my experience within the computing and video technology fields. Car owner with clean driving licence. Married, no children.
 Key Skills 
Experienced user of many PC-based software packages, including Windows (32-bit), Microsoft Office suite (95 and 97), Adobe PhotoShop (v3 and v4), Paint Shop Pro, Quark Xpress, Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. Programming experience in C, Basic, COBOL and HTML including designing and implementing commercial web sites - see my home page for further details. Also experienced in technical authoring, video technology and training.
 Recent Employment 
Encore Entertainment Limited
Production Consultant / Webmaster (Oct 1997 Jan 1999)
When Encore Entertainment merged with its sister distribution company based in Uxbridge, most of the existing staff chose not to re-locate. I agreed to continue on a contract basis as the company's sole production co-ordinator. My computing and Internet/email skills proved essential in maintaining the company's web site and liasing with British and American film companies, local reprographic firms and pressing plants in Japan and France.
Network Administrator / Webmaster (Jan 1996 Sept 1997)
Responsible for purchasing and supervising the company's Windows-95 based office computer network (facilitating shared access for work files, maintaining production scheduling databases, printer support, supervising external email and file transfers). I was also solely responsible for developing, authoring and supporting the company's extensive Internet web site which includes news releases, detailed product information (more than 300 pages) and an online ordering facility.
Laserdisc Production Coordinator/Technical Manager (Oct '95 - Sept '97)
Responsible for all technical and creative aspects of the design and production of the company's range of laser videodiscs and all associated packaging/artwork. Sole project manager on high-profile feature-film releases such as "Star Wars Special Edition Trilogy", "Independence Day", "Toy Story" and "Braveheart", plus dozens of other titles from major companies including Twentieth Century Fox, Buena Vista (Disney), Columbia TriStar and the BBC. Special responsibility for all production liaison with Buena Vista/Disney.
 Early Employment 
Computer Retail (1982-1984)
After leaving school at 18 I spent three years working in computer retail. During this time I was 'head-hunted' from Currys Micro Systems to become the Manager and resident technical expert at a specialist computer store in Birmingham.
Freelance Programming (1985-1990)
I spent several years working on a freelance/contract basis developing small and medium sized software packages for 8-bit micros, including a stock control system, a communications program and dozens of game loaders and copy-protection systems, for companies such as US Gold and Atari Corp. When 8-bit software development work started to decline in the late '80s, I moved over to working with 16-bit computers and have written programs and utilities in 'C', machine code and various incarnations of Basic (including a dedicated communications package still in regular use today as the primary software for Atari ST users of the CIX electronic conferencing system).
Publishing / Journalism (1986-1995)
In parallel with my programming work, Database Publications required a technical advisor for their fledgling Atari User magazine. My involvement in that capacity quickly advanced to the role of Technical Editor, and subsequently to overall Editor of the publication for several years. I supervised the magazine during its transition into Atari ST User. During that time I also continued my freelance work, mainly writing manuals and other program documentation including a 600-page manual for Mirrorsoft's high-end DTP package and a 120-page manual for an Atari graphics package.
A long-time interest in science fiction and fantasy, along with an increasing involvement in international electronic communications with contacts around the globe, led to several freelance assignments for Visual Imagination Ltd. researching and writing news items for their Starburst and TV Zone publications.
When Visual Imagination approached Paramount Television in 1990 to publish a licensed "Star Trek: The Next Generation" magazine, I was asked to edit the publication for them, also researching and writing the majority of the feature articles. I handled all of the computer-based layout and typography duties, sending pages directly to the publisher's office by modem now a commonplace practice, but an innovative technique in the early nineties.
From an early age I have been interested in a wide variety of science fiction and fantasy - ranging from Isaac Asimov to Star Trek to Walt Disney. This interest played an important part in my decision to aim for a career in computing and other technical areas.
An initial hobbyist interest in the technical aspects of film, video and television led to my co-ordinating the audio and video requirements for a number of science fiction conventions. More recently this has snowballed and I have handled all the technical requirements for a number of large annual conferences. This job includes supervising the hire and installation of all equipment and arranging the necessary staffing.
Other hobby areas include a keen interest in Disney feature animation and Disneyana collectibles, the film industry, home cinema, computing & DTP, music, photography, foreign travel and household DIY.
I also currently work for The Disney Store in Birmingham and although the role is only part-time, I have recently been appointed as a national 'Traditions' trainer for new employees at stores throughout the UK. I also act as the Birmingham Store's specialist on all matters relating to the higher value collectible ranges.
 Date of Birth 
26 September 1962 (Birmingham, UK)
Chetwynd House Primary School, Sutton Coldfield (1969-1975)
Bishop Vesey's Grammar School, Sutton Coldfield (1975-1981)
Sutton Coldfield College of Further Education (1979-1980)
10 'O' Levels (including Grade A in Maths & Physics)
4 'A' Levels (including one Grade A)
City & Guilds 'Basic Certificate in Computer Programming'
(Grades: one Credit, two Distinctions)
Work and personal references are available on request.
Examples of my web site design can be viewed from my home page.